Looking back


Wow, I can't believe that we are packing to go home! I cannot tell anyone how much fun that I really had. The feeling of experiencing this new country was fantastic! We spent some time at the beach the other day which was a blast. As we were coming home we were telling each other what we would miss most about Australia: Mom said she would miss the gum trees. I said I would miss all the cool wild birds that just fly around. John said that he would miss the coral reefs. Tom's going to miss a lot of things, but the thing that he says that he misses most will be the kangaroos. Everyone had some pretty cool thoughts.

If I win a million bucks, or get a really good job, I seriously want to come back here again.

But if there is one thing that haunts me, it is the homework. I took my homework but some of my teachers didn't really specify what they wanted done (no offense). For the past 2 weeks, I have been doing serious biology and history. It has been frustrating for me. What's worse is that my finals are coming up the very week that I get back. Really nice to look forward at.

Coral reefs, nature reserves, bottanical beaches, sailing, memorials, everything, has been quite an adventure. It was fun, especially writing about it.

I'll be writing about our trip home and insights soon. Thanks to you all for reading about our adventures! I will continue writing in this blog about fun things that happen in our family.

Posted by Joe on March 19, 2009.