My second reflection of Australia takes place in Pebbly Beach. We drove to Pebbly Beach on the NSW coast yesterday; it was about 100 miles from Canberra. I decided to go exploring throughout the beach. Now as I mentioned a couple times, I am a nature lover. But I found out that nature can be hard on itself. There was a jellyfish, smashed into smithereens all along the shore. It was gross. The tentacle stinger thingys were still on some parts of it. There was a little girl who actually picked up a piece of the jellyfish by the tentacle stinger thingy to show her mom. Now, jellyfish can still sting you after they are dead, so this was not wise on her part.

And there were people who had some bird seed, so they fed the parrots. The parrots decided they were friends and came up to them. These parrots were somewhat tame from the years of visitors to the beach. We also saw a herd of kangaroos.

Here is a picture of Pebbly Beach.

Because I studied Geology for a couple of years, I noticed some things about the beach and its ecology. Beaches are always at risk for serious erosion. But a beach plant ecology resists that erosion. Near the actual shore, there are tiny plants which begin to anchor the sand. I don't know their name, but here is their pictures:

As I moved further away from the shore, I saw that slightly larger plants began to take over:

As I moved even further away from the shore, huge plants began to take over:

Here you can see that one side of the ground where the wind is blowing has only sand; the other side is protected; so therefore, it has some of the smaller plants:

Here you can see the bushes have been sculpted to look like waves by the strong winds of the beach:

While I'm at it with the pictures, these is my favorite pictures of my brother John:




Posted by Joe on January 9, 2009, Canberra.