...is the day that we get to go on the long long long long long long plane trip. It is going to be a lot more boring than the plane trip to Guatemala because it takes five times longer (and five times the luggage) to get to Australia, than to Guatemala. We have some card games and video games and some books, but still! Long long trip. For all you people who havn't experienced this, imagine this: You are about to go to a land on the other side of the world. You are helping to carry approximately 500 Ibs of luggage while making sure that your almost phsycho baby sisters don't get lost. If you survive that, here comes the next part of this terrifying game: you are now on the plane and you have just taken off. Your sister is always asking for food, but she always gives the food (if not, throws it) that she has just obtained to your other sister. They are most likely going to cry and scream on the plane because they have to sit in the same posture for two hours. they might throw things to people and the waiters might have to parachute you out of the plane. But if your not going to be in charge of the girls on the plane, then you are going to be FREAKIN' bored. So bored in fact that you will willingly jump off the plane with an inflatable raft and row yourself to Australia! (at least it's something to do!)

Then there are the movies. Sometimes someone might request that DARK KNIGHT will show on the plane. You can imagine these two things: you can imagine that the bat-plane will fly along next to you, and the fact that the maybe the reason that you see the bat-plane is that he is rescuing the plane from a detonator bomb detonated by the Joker himself.

I recently saw a movie called AUSTRALIA. The movie started out okay with some mild comedy. One fact is is that the bad guy in the movie happens to be the actor for Faramir (and if I spelled his name wrong, I don't care). But then the movie went into this war tragety. Near the end you see this new kind of family hugging each other despite the fact that everything around them was bombed.

Strange that I started out with my pre-plane fears to war movies, isn't it?

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Only two weeks to go until we go to Australia! I can't wait! Okay, maybe that was over expressed. It's like waking up in the middle of the night, going to your dad, waking him up and saying, "Dad! Dad! Wake up!" "Go to sleep!" "Dad, I can't! I'm so excited! It's Christmas Eve, Eve,Eve,Eve,Eve,Eve,Eve,Eve,Eve,Eve,Eve,Eve,Eve, Eve!" Anyway. Seriously, everyone's asking me if I'm excited if I'm going and I reply "yes," but I feel like I'm in a joke or something. I mean, I have only heard stories about Australia and the great barrier reefs and all of the weird animals and stuff...and I'm going to that wonder land! What I am stupidly saying is is that I can't believe that I am going to the other side of the world for almost 3 months.

Anyways, my problem is solved for parting my electric guitar! Playing guitar is my life, it's like part of my soul. I only have one guitar, but with that guitar I have learned to play 'Skip to my Lou" all the way to Stevie Ray Vaughn songs, the Eagles, ZZ Top, Canon Rock (or Canon D), and such. Parting with it is like being crippled for life from your favorite hobby. But fortunately, my wonderful mother has bought me a ($150) guitar case. This covers both my Christmas and birthday presents. This concludes my two week countdown!

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Today was by brother's (John) birthday. He wasn't overly excited, but he liked the cake and the fact that everything goes his own way. He turned twelve today. Gosh, I remembered when I was twelve, almost three years ago. My brother is growing up, it is so darn scary. Wer're LDS, and when a boy turns twelve, he gets the priesthood which requires responsibilities. He's going to pass the sacrament next Sunday. He's a cool guy.

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Hi, to the left is a photo of gum trees in the mist. Gum trees are eucalyptus trees, which are native to Australia. And Australia is where my family and I are going in January! The thought of going to Australia is strange to me; after all the only time went to another country was four weeks in Guatemala. But I didn't get to go out and see Guatemala because I was stuck in a hotel, being tortured by the Berenstain Bears (that was the only thing that my brother wanted to see). That was the only time I was claustrophobic. Okay, now back to Australia. I can't wait to go to Australia, it will be so much fun. But going to another country for three months gives you the feeling that you are moving or something. I mean, think of it; I will be in a totally unfamiliar place with people I have never even knew existed. But that doesn't really matter; I have already experienced that thought when I went to school after three years of homeschooling (not to mention that it's a preparatory high school). One of the reasons why I am excited to go is that I love the country or the wild--anywhere away from the city. Thanks for reading!

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Joseph and his family are going to Australia (Oz) from January to March 2009. Joe is going to try his hand at blogging, which will be a sort of journal-keeping activity while he is abroad. The family will be based in Canberra, with side-trips to places like the Great Barrier Reef. Sign up for Joe's RSS Feed to get all the latest from the Land Down Under!

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